Broadcast your data in a structured, secured and controlled way.
From Excel spreadsheets to web-browsers and APIs...
...or back to others Excel spreadsheets.
All this real-time!

Our solution

Our solution is architectured around two components:
XLbroadcaster an Excel add-in with secured and real-time capabilites a SaaS platform to manage data access and audit trails

Modern & versatile enable input/output access to various heterogeneous systems (Excel, APIs, web-browsers).
Easy to use allows to leverage on installed Excel userbase, a tool already mastered by millions of people, to exchange data in a structured way.
Private and secure
All communications are encrpyted, should you use SaaS platform or Xlbroadcaster plugin.
Only authorized users can access your data.
Painless installation is available from any web-browser.
XLBroadcaster install is a matter of seconds, enabling it to all your Excel files once for all..
Audit trail enables audit logs and act as a trust third-party. On each data channel, authorized reader can access timestamped history and make specific searches.
Forget VBA scripts! allows you to build fast and rock-solid functions in your prefered language/system, then access it from Excel.

Use cases

Thanks to versatility, your imagination is the limit...
Here come some examples.

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